Fact: A little bit of sparkling prosecco will make any drink a lot more festive. Whip up one of these delicious, simple, gorgeous cocktails the next time you need to impress your girlfriends. Or your in-laws. Or heck, yourself.

Love Potion Cocktail

Because you never outgrew your love for all things pink and sparkly.

Grapefruit Rosemary Sparkler

Tart, crisp and oh-so herbaceous.

Prosecco Margaritas

Make this crowd-pleasing big-batch recipe ahead of time for the easiest fiesta ever.

Strawberry Thyme Lillet Spritzers

Pretty as a painting, with soft herbal notes on the finish.

“One for The Money” Cocktail

Floral, effervescent and deliciously spiced.

Limoncello Prosecco with Blueberries and Thyme

Summer (in Amalfi ) in a glass.